Transforming How You Consume Media: A 99-Day Journey to Inspire Faith

As a media enthusiast, I am passionate about creating content that replaces the negative influences that surround us. Unfortunately, we are constantly exposed to media that leads our minds and hearts astray, making us believe things we shouldn’t. Instead of avoiding media altogether, which is unrealistic, my mission is to provide alternative, uplifting content that serves as a reminder and encourages personal growth. One way I aim to achieve this is through a 99-day media project, where participants receive a daily clip focused on one of Allah’s names, and its meaning. My hope is to help people start their days before scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, with a name and then find it again amidst the usual content, they come across. This small addition to your daily media diet might be a powerful way to inspire reflection of Allah’s ,miraculous signs within the context of your everyday life.

By engaging with this project, you may transform what seems like a small deed into a consistent, life-changing practice. This is the essence of the audio and video book readings I plan to provide. Your support, whether through active participation or financial contribution, is invaluable and deeply appreciated. Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey.

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