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99 Names Immersion!

A transformative program designed to help you learn, memorize, and internalize the most beautiful 99 names of Allah.
This program aims to provide you with a consistent and manageable way to deepen your faith, increase motivation, and replace harmful media with more meaningful alternatives through learning the 99 names
How it works:
  1. Starting in Ramadan and beyond, we will provide you with one name of Allah each day for 99 days, along with the meaning and sometimes, short reflections.
  2. You’ll also receive a song covering all 99 names, allowing you to learn and internalize them passively.
  3. Our program will be available on various social media platforms you frequent, ensuring that you’ll be able to access it conveniently and consistently.
  4. We encourage you to share this program with as many people as possible, spreading the beauty and wisdom of Allah’s 99 names and supporting our mission to create better alternatives to the current media landscape.
By joining our 99 Names in 99 Days program, you’ll not only enrich your spiritual life but also take an active role in replacing harmful content with something more meaningful and fulfilling. You’ll be part of a community dedicated to growing together, replacing negative habits with positive ones, and drawing closer to Allah.
Let’s embark on this journey together, starting this Ramadan. Sign up now and take the first step towards a more fulfilling spiritual life with 99 Names in 99 Days. We can’t wait to have you join us!

What you're Supporting and What You Get...

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Free Ebooks For Everyone

  • Did you get the sample? We will send you the FULL 99 Names PDF Ebook. If you can’t afford to donate, you can still get your free download here, just make dua for us!
  • Context and definition: Most 99 names downloads only provide the names or a few words, or they use highly intellectual language that doesn’t allow for true understanding. This book provides the names, their meanings, and powerful yet simple words that reinforce the context, helping you remember who Allah is in every situation you encounter.
  • Graphically beautiful: All pages are designed with colors and landscapes to create a more immersive reading experience.
  • Includes song lyrics: Many people learn the names through songs, so we’ve added them to the book to help those who use this method to learn the names.
  • Donate and receive app access, which will deliver all the content in one place.
  • Click the I can’t afford it option above to still benefit from this…

Daily Book Readings in Video and Audio Format

  • Have you been receiving these? We review every single name and share them with the public to encourage learning.
  • I discuss how the names are integrated into my daily thinking, especially when I’m struggling to have tawakkul (trust in Allah).
  • All audio is of high quality.
  • Donate and receive app entry, which will deliver all the content in one place.
  • Click the “I can’t afford it option above to still benefit from this even if you can’t contribute…

Children's Show and Book Reading to Teach Your Kids The Meanings And How to Think About Them

  • Join us for our Children’s Show and Book Readings where we teach your kids the meanings of the names of Allah and how to think about them.
  • We start by discussing each name, and then we use relatable examples that show how Allah is who He says He is, all while making it a fun experience for the kids.
  • When you grab the shipped children’s books, you will receive access to the app which delivers all the content in one convenient place.

Multiple versions of the Song for every kind of Muslim

  • We have two different versions of our song covering all 99 names to choose from, depending on your preference. If you believe music is permissible, we have that version for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay away from instruments, we offer a fully vocal version for download.
  • In total, there are four different song versions to choose from, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.
  • By donating or supporting the shipped books, you will receive access to our app, which delivers all the content in one convenient place.

The Impact of Your Support

"I learned almost every name through his song!"
Bilqis Abdul Qadir
Muslim Hijabi Sports Pioneer
"Support this 99 Names Educational Project. What better investment can you make?"
Zain Bhikha
International Nasheed Artisat
Khalil Ismail's songs bring me closer to the deen. You care about our Akhira"
Muslim Couple
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