Finally learn the 99 Names of Allah and their meanings
A collection of audio, video, and written reminders, reflections, and songs that create an immersive learning environment for internalizing Allah's 99 Names no matter your busy schedule.

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If You're Like Most Striving Muslims, You're Probably Concerned about the Following

Let me know if one of these fits you....

  • You’ve planned and even started listening to the names or reading a PDF that tells you the names and the definitions but you’re not retaining the meaning
  • You feel bad that you have time for things you know might be less important but its hard to keep consistent
  • You feel disconnected and distant from the 99 names and you feel ashamed that you’re disconnected so you don’t seek help or know what to do to get better.
  • Your children are constantly into entertaining media that worries you but you’d love for them to have something that kept their attention plus taught reinforced their love and knowledge of Allah and His deen


– Ease into learning the names no matter how busy your schedule was
– Learn the meanings and the context of the meanings in a way that feels more relatable
– Use media you’re already connected to and using for learning the 99 Names
– Show your children an immersive children’s show that teaches your children the 99 names and lessons that help them know who Allah is?

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Different versions of the Song for Muslims with different opinions...

We offer two different versions of our song covering all 99 names, so you can choose the one that best aligns with your beliefs. If you find music permissible, we have a version with instruments, while we also offer a fully vocal version for those who prefer to avoid instruments.

Bilqis Abdul Qadir

Pioneer Muslim Sports Icon

Bilqis Abdul Qadir, the Muslim basketball star who sacrificed her professional career to advocate for Muslim women’s right to wear Hijab, is constantly busy advocating, coaching, and helping to make the world a better place. Her extensive workload makes it difficult for her to find time to sit down and learn. However, our song provided her with the opportunity to practice the names while driving to work. Not only did she manage to learn almost all of them, but she also learned their meanings! Let’s hear what she has to say.

Zain Bhikha Endorses the Program

International Nasheed Artist

The Most Beautiful 99 360 Program will by the permission of Allah...

Start now and get access to 99 names reminders and a free 99 names PDF immediately.

Start now and get access to 99 names reminders and a free 99 names PDF immediately.

What Makes This Different - By The Author

First and foremost, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to all those who selflessly provide free resources to help us learn the 99 names of Allah. May Allah reward them abundantly.

In my personal journey to learn the 99 names, I noticed that most resources simply provided a table with Arabic words and pronunciations without much context or relevance to our daily lives. As a result, I embarked on a project to create something that would show people how Allah plays the biggest role in our daily lives through words, emotions, and expressions. While writing the song, I realized that I could add context to the names and not just make them rhyme.

The program has since expanded to include books for both adults and children with the same goal of fostering a sense of closeness with Allah, who embodies all good and useful characteristics. My ultimate aim is for people to experience the same sense of awe and reverence that I felt when I began learning Allah’s names, and to reflect deeply on how Allah is the ultimate source of all that exist

Khalil Ismail

Free Full 99 Names Ebooks Versions For All Wish to Learn the 99 Names


Our free eBook book stands apart from other PDF downloads that only provide the names or use complicated language. We offer not only the names of Allah, but also their meanings and powerful yet simple words that help you understand who Allah is in every situation you encounter.

We have designed our book to be visually appealing, with colorful pages and landscapes that create a more immersive reading experience. To assist those who prefer auditory learning, we have included song lyrics as well.

99 Names Adult Spread

Daily Book Readings in Video and Audio Format

We read and reflect on each and every name and make them available to the public to encourage learning. I also discuss how these names are integrated into my daily thinking, especially during challenging moments when it is crucial to have tawakkul (trust in Allah). Our audio content is of the highest quality to ensure a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.


Children's Show and Book Reading  to Teach Your Kids The Meanings And How to Think About Them

Come and join us for our Children’s Show and Book Readings, where we aim to teach your kids the meanings of the names of Allah and how to think about them. We start by discussing each name, using relatable examples that show how Allah is who He says He is, while making the experience enjoyable and fun for children.

Start now and get access to 99 names reminders and a free 99 names PDF immediately.

More than 1 million total streams
While Spotify has most of the streams, Apple Music, Youtube, and other streaming services tip the total past a million!


Start now and get access to 99 names reminders and a free 99 names PDF immediately.

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