The Most Beautiful 99

Thoughts on ” The Most Beautiful 99″

This song and project has been such a labor of love for me. Never in a million years did I think it would have the impact it has had.
So here’s what I’ve done with the 99 names!
I’ve written and recorded a remix with updated lyrics, updated pronunciation and a different pace, to hopefully assist in even more, with comprehensive and accurate learning.
So to celebrate this I’m unveiling a new delivery system for my work and for us to communicate through.

Introducing: the 99 Club and a Khalil Ismail Android/IOS
To introduce to you my new app where you can keep up with all things Khalil Ismail, I’m unveiling an always free, in app section dedicated to 99 names learning.

Here’s what you get, when you join the app!
*The new 99 names remix plus the original 99 names song
*A voice only version of the 99 names song
*Lyrics to both the new and old versions
*Free access to the digital book based on the original song

Please support it, and tell me what you think about the remix!

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Do you aspire to learn the 99 names and learn their meanings in a way thats meaningful but feel discouraged? Tell me about that journey!
Maybe I can help!

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