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I could say so much about the example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his impact on so many aspects of my life but for the sake of brevity, I’ll keep it related to this 10 day journey. All I’ll tell you is that the more I read about the depth of His mercy and his nuanced approach to various struggling believers, the more I’m convinced that we miss so many deeper lessons of his. This song is simply an expression of small pieces of his story and its impact on my heart. This track is the only one that has been previously released from a recording standpoint because it is a remix of an original
Because this is the only track I’ve publicized and I promised 10 never heard before recordings in 10 days, I also want to share with you an acoustic draft of my song about Jesus. I felt it was good to relate him here because Jesus stood for the people against a system who often casted people away with rules they couldn’t prove that Allah wrote.

khalilismail · Jesus Taught Us Acoustic

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