Thoughts on ” Friend of Allah”

This project was not planned. One day after reading quran with tears, I recall thinking about how little we appreciate the messengers who came before us from a practical standpoint. These amazing human beings actually went through heavy trials for Allah to record and give to us to  learn from. Allah himself decided to publicize major pieces of their lives in truth through both sadness and triumph, and then told us to emulate their example. The Quran calls Ibrahim an excellent Uswa. When I studied his life in depth, I cried many times. I had to place that passion somewhere. In an age where many guess about who the friends of Allah are, its ironic that the one Allah explicitly gave the title to in His exclusive writing is Ibrahim. So when I realized that I would do a project around the Prophet’s, I knew I could not leave out this special Messenger. Peace to him and his family as we say in every Salah!

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1. Have you ever discovered that you idolized a person, place or thing and then actually left what you idolized? I need to know your story!

2. Have you ever had to leave someone who provided a bad environment for your soul? How did you get through it

3. Have you ever had to leave a good person due to circumstances you couldn’t control and that they didn’t understand, yet you knew about

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Khalil Ismail

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