Allah and Friends is an album that highlights the amazing stories of our great Muslim superheroes, the Prophets with the goal of always reminding that all creation is here to worship Allah s.w.t. We will be releasing more tracks and content, every two weeks.


In a world of media where God is used so loosely(God of thunder in marvel for example) and ancestor worship is a growing concern, this album brings home the idea that our greatest ancestors are absolutely important but they actually were Allah’s hand selected Prophets. I hope it helps inspire wonder, amazement and gratitude for the greatest people who ever lived based on the word of Allah and for the One who created them even more! 

The album will be at least 10 tracks including 4 never heard before songs and 6 remixes that tell the story of the line of messengers that Allah hand picked for us to learn lessons from. We are still mixing final versions of this albums so you will be the first to hear the tracks before they are released to the masses.

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